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My Name Is William Parker

After the all of the turmoil with the energy industry this year, I had decided to take matters into my own hands.  I needed to find away to provide an efficient energy source for me and my family, there was nothing I could do about the price of crude oil.  But, I felt that I could cut cost on our other energy expenses. I am retired and don't have alot of money to just give away.   I’ve always heard about Solar Power but never knew too much about it, so I did some research and made a few phone calls to some local professionals to come out and give me an estimate.  Needless to say I was floored by the quotes I’d received, they were from $15,000 and up.


If there is a will there is a way, thank God for the internet!   I was on a mission to find a solution to my problem and I knew that it was somewhere online.  I’d begin doing some research on various solar energy products and DIY kits that were out on the market.  I had paid $200 for a so called kit and I was really disappointed, because the instructions were very confusing and had missing information.   Many of the other kits were overpriced in my opinion and not for the do it yourselfer.  I don’t mind doing projects myself as long as it doesn’t require me to get another college degree and can save money by doing it.  Most of these offers weren’t what I was looking for, until I came across Earth4Energy.   I was very skeptical after giving an unwilling $200 donation previously.  And I had never heard of Earth4Energy before.   But, after reading their site more, I was more encouraged to give their product a try.


So, I purchased the instruction manual for around $50 dollars from Earth4Energy, and I blocked off sometime that very next weekend and started my project.    I will never dive into a major project without trying it on a small scale first.  So, I have a detached 2 garage/workshop that I use often to power my tools so this was a good test lab.  The instructions were so easy to follow and didn’t lead you to a dead end.  I had added a couple of electrical outlets and connected them to my solar system and to my surprised it worked.  I felt like a scientist who that just had discovered a major breakthrough.    Since then, I have added all of my outside low voltage lighting, sprinklers and refrigerator outlets to my solar system.   It is good to know, if I lose electricity from the power company I don’t have to worry about my food spoiling. 

Solar Project


Just with these small changes, I have reduced my electric bill by $70 per month, I hope that you found my posting beneficial.

William Parker 




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